How to Give The Startup Playbook as a Gift

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Amazon is the only place to buy The Startup Playbook and if you’re buying it for yourself in either hardcover or Kindle editions, they make it pretty easy, just as with most everything they sell.

If you’d like to give the hardcover version of the book to someone you know, it’s also simple. Just buy it and have it delivered to the person you’re giving it to. You can even check the gift checkbox during checkout so that you can send a message to the recipient and keep them from seeing the price.

Gifting the Kindle edition is a bit more complicated. The whole process is outlined by Amazon here. But briefly, when you give a Kindle book as a gift, you’re giving the recipient a discount of the price of the Kindle edition at the time the gift is given. In the case of The Startup Playbook, that’s initially (for the first week only) $0.99. So, the recipient is, essentially getting a $0.99 discount on the book. Here’s the rub, since the $0.99 price is only good for the first week, they need to download their copy during that time to get it for free. After that, they will just get $0.99 off the $9.99 list price. Thanks Amazon.

Other than that, it’s easy. Just click the Give as a Gift button on the right hand side of the Amazon book page and you’ll be asked for the recipient’s email address. Enter the info and a coupon for the the book will be sent to them. They can then download the book to their Kindle reader (device or app) using that coupon.

To get started, just click on the image below . . .

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