Celebrating The Startup Playbook’s Best-Seller Status!

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Crazy Eddie

“His prices are insaaaane!”

Thanks to all of you, The Startup Playbook has been selling like gangbusters. We achieved Amazon bestseller status in Startups twice since the book’s intro. To celebrate, we’re going to rollback the price of the book to its introductory level through the end of September – $0.99 for the Kindle edition. And we’re even going to drop the price of the hardcover edition to $9.99. If you were waiting for these insane prices to make your move (more on this later), they’re here, but act fast! Operators are on duty. 🙂

We’ve also rolled the book out on iBooks, so it’s now available on the iTunes store, if that’s the way you get your reading material.

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The book’s reviews (4.9 average on Amazon) have been terrific and uniformly state that the book is full of great information and is super easy to read. We couldn’t be happier with the feedback since that was exactly what we were trying to deliver. Our goal was to make the information approachable in a founder-to-founder discussion. We want to help you shift the odds of startup success in your favor.

Many of you have already purchased the book and, for that, we’re incredibly appreciative. If you haven’t and you’re thinking of starting or joining a startup, please consider it. Either way, please share this message with others. We’d love to spread the word and have as many people in the startup community as possible have access to the book. Hint: use the buttons at the bottom of this post for easy sharing.

So, you might be wondering about Crazy Eddie . . . In the days long before the Internet (way back in the 70s), there was a chain of consumer electronics stores in the New York area. Actually, it grew to 43 stores in four states around New York. Crazy Eddie was known for beating any competitor’s price. They wrapped up every ad (7,500 of them while they were in business) with the proclamation, “Our prices are insaaaane!” The ads were so popular, they were parodied on Saturday Night Live.

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