The Startup Playbook 3rd Edition is Available Now!

The Startup Playbook w/ Coffee

The Startup Playbook is the Amazon best-selling startup book that’s been so popular we’ve just released its 3rd edition. Find out why thousands of successful entrepreneurs have used The Startup Playbook as their go-to resource to help build their new startups.

We call this The Entrepreneurial, 3rd Edition because we’ve circled back to the foundation of the 1st edition. Thousands of people used the 1st edition to help them start to build their new companies. The book was popular enough to attract the attention of a major publisher, who we worked with on the 2nd edition. It too was a big success with thousands more books delivered to new entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, we found we had different goals. The publisher wanted to maximize revenue and we wanted to maximize availability. So, we’ve parted ways and released a new version with the goal of reaching more people.

What does that mean? Basically, we’ve republished the book with some new, added content and are making the ebook available now for just $0.99. Yeah, way less than a cup of coffee. It’s also a great, last minute Holiday gift for that entrepreneur in your life. Delivered instantly to their mailbox.

We still offer a free chapter to check the book out (available here). And the audiobook for the 2nd edition – which, all modesty aside, is really very entertaining – is available here.

We’d really appreciate your help in getting the word out. Here’s a quick tweet you can use. And thanks in advance!

The Startup Playbook, 3rd edition is available now! The Amazon Best-Selling Startup book that has been used by thousands of new entrepreneurs to build their startups is available now for only $0.99. Check it out here. #startupplaybook

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